In the International Business environment of today, it is increasingly important to implement effective communication strategies. Our multilingual translation service, is not only fast and accurate, it is customizable to the specific needs of each and every one of our clients.

About our service

  • Cover a wide range of languages
  • Translation by specialists of each respective field
  • Using an extensive database to match the most suitable expression
  • Proven results in business, technology, and other fields
  • Translations of websites or homepages
  • Translation of publications (Adobe Creative suite etc.)
  • All the necessary precautions when dealing with confidential information
  • Maintain a flawless management system


Supported Languages

English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Burmese, other languages

*Please contact us for discussion on other languages

Supported Fields

The following are the fields which are supported by our translation service. For the fields which are not listed below, do kindly contact us for a discussion.

Legal Affairs / Business Admin
  • Contracts, National Law of respective countries, Guidelines, Judicial proceedings
    -Sales contracts, simple business contract, joint management contract, manufacturing contract, joint development, outsourcing, licensing, Agencies, confidential information, employment contracts, International guidelines, complaints, Judgement (judicial), written statement, defense response, testimony/affidavit, evidence documents etc.
  • Corporate law, standard operating procedures, In-house training, training documents
    HR regulations (work regulations, salary, travel expenses etc.), official regulations, personal information protection, risk management, accounting official, compliance, ethics regulations, company information, compliance training (education), product description, facilities management, operations, training manuals / documents for employee trainings etc.
  • Brochures, Websites
    Brochures, product catalogues, company websites, product / service page etc.
Medicine / Chemistry / Medical Technology
  • Documentation seeking approval, Clinical / Clinical trials, Non-Clinical trials
    -Documents seeking approval of medical supplies, medical equipment, diagnostic drugs, CTD, STED, enquiry, experimental medicine, clinical trials guidebook, clinical trials contract, DD test, product market impact report, test report on the effect of drugs, pharmacokinetics, toxicity report, formulation of safety protocols etc.
  • Pharmaceutical development / CMC / quality control / GMP / formulation and production / safety management
    -Stability of compounds, validation documents, DMF, CTD Q part, quality management manual, production manuals, QMSdocumentation, GMP inspection documents.
  • Chemistry, Medical Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy articles
    -Handling instructions, process manual, training manual, catalogue, STED, test report, patent description, other articles etc.
Manufacturing / Engineering / Information / Environment
  • Documents on engineering materials and processes
    -Handling instructions, manuals, product specifications, design specifications, manufacturing process documentation, SOP, functional manual, product technical assessment report, patent specifications, technical papers, other documents etc.
  • Information and Communications Technology
    -Operating manual, maintenance manual, inspection guidelines, user instructions, online help etc.
  • Environment and Clean Energy
    -CSR report, environmental impact report, sustainability report, green tech adoption guide, REACH, RoHS, ISO14001S, MSDS, patent specifications guide, technical articles, other documents etc.

Major Accomplishments

An introduction to some of the projects which were handled by our company.

Legal Affairs / Business Admin
  • Sisters park memorandum execution
  • Joint venture company incorporation documents
  • Drainage mechanism licensing contract
  • Galvanizing process
  • Notice regarding the change of entry regulations to the Kanmon Port
  • Audit documentation
  • Promoting investor investment
  • Collection of conversations by taxi drivers
  • Hiraodai countryside guide map


Medicine / Chemistry / Medical Technology
  • Chemical dispensing system
  • Medical equipment instruction manual
  • Article on iron and steel
  • New concept steel mill
  • Materials on the Hagi ceramic ware
  • Manual on recycling harmful materials
  • Documentation on the International Conference of Fire Resistant Materials
  • Results on analyzing eggs
  • Law on operating electromagnetic wave filters
Manufacturing / Engineering / News / Environment
  • Inverter diffusion project report
  • Message towards the environment of the 21st century
  • Japan, America, Germany Environmental protection technology seminar
  • Pan Yellow Sea industrial technology symposium seminar agenda
  • Report on building environmentally friendly housing
  • Robotics research and development report
  • Radar simulator training effectiveness report
  • Back-up heavy duty memory for engineering use
  • Data grid article