Meetings - Conferences - Exhibitions

OWLS Event Management Services provide our clients with the platform to secure and expand their Global Networks.


Our Service

    We offer our services with the aim of creating a conducive atmosphere for every Event. OWLS Plans, Organizes, and Manages International Meetings, Conference, Exhibitions and more. Our comprehensive range of services also includes deploying staff whom perform Administrative and Secretarial duties.

Administrative Services

  • Preparation of Management Manuals
  • Preparation of Budgeting documentation
  • Reception / Participant Registration
  • Logistics Management
  • Public Relations
  • Event Publicity (Marketing)
  • Recording Minutes
  • Progress Report
  • Meeting Report
  • Financial Statement
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Other Documents
  • Signage
  • Printed Material (Invitations/Posters/Name cards etc.)
  • Congress Bag
  • Attraction arrangements
  • Cameraman
  • Lodging arrangements
  • Other event related preparations

Preparation of Venue and Management of Event

  • Deployment of Operations Staff
  • Meeting Moderator / MC
  • Interpretation Services
  • Translation Services
  • Sign Boards / Direction Markers
  • Audio Visual Setup
  • Broadcasting of Event
  • Transportation, deployment and removal of Equipment

Event Highlights

  • 2nd WVA-WMA Global Conference On One Health
  • 25th Japan-America Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents
  • 13th Yellow Sea Rim Economic and Technological Conference
  • 18th Asia Pacific Naval College Seminar
  • 16th International Nursing Forum
  • 3rd East Asia Summit, Office level meeting of Environment Ministers
  • International Venture and Business Incubation Festival in Kitakyushu
  • 5th Meeting of International Cultural Heritage Specialists
  • 2014 Fukuoka-Pusan CEO Business Forum
  • Fukuoka ERIA International Forum
  • 10th Japan-China-Korea trilateral workshop on large sized jellyfish
  • 5th Nagasaki Global Citizens Assembly for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Meeting of International Specialists (Kyushu-Yamaguchi Modernization Heritage Group)
  • Kitakyushu Telecommunications Technology Innovation Conference