Deploying exemplary interpreters anywhere in the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, and Europe. We interpret almost every major language. Our interpreters possess the vital people skills, allowing them to not only interpret the syntax of what is being shared, but the exact context, down to the very style and emotion being expressed by the speaker.

Business Overview

  • Simultaneous and/or consecutive interpretation
  • Conference interpretation, Business negotiation interpretation, Interpretation of seminars or training courses
  • Interpretation for specific engineering fields and specializations
  • Interpretation of business negotiations, event attendees, sightseeing/tour, Interpretation at event location
  • Dispatching interpreters to overseas locations and/or making preparations on the ground

Languages we cover

English , German , French , Italian , Russian , Spanish , Mandarin , Korean , Vietnamese , Burmese

*Other Asian languages


Interpretation Formats



  • Consecutive Interpretation
    Format where the speaker is interpreted little by little, part by part. (More than half of the time allocated to each speaker will be used by the interpreter.)


  • Simultaneous Interpretation
    Format of interpreting the speaker simultaneously. Primarily conducted at international convention venues which maintain the necessary facilities for simultaneous interpretation. In the event where simultaneous Interpretation is conducted at a venue without the necessary facilities, equipment will have to be arranged for separately.
    Additionally, we are able to arrange for the interpreter to sit in the immediate vicinity of the individual who is in need of interpretation, and whisper the interpretation of the speaker’s speech.

Major Accomplishments

Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Japan-America Women’s Leadership Exchange Program
  • Japan-America Education Forum
  • Cornell University Summer seminar
  • East Asia Business Executive Forum
  • Asian Cities Environmental Cooperation meeting
  • 25th Japan-America Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents. (Kitakyushu Meeting)
  • Urban Globalization Forum (1st – 3rd)
  • International Nursing Forum (1st – 5th)
  • 5th International Cooperation College Program – Message from Asia to the World
  • OECD Urban Renaissance
  • Workshop on the integration of Robotics
  • The 6th International Conference on Mechatronics
  • GMD-Japan Research Laboratory Advisory Committee Meeting and Public Workshop
  • Move Festa Symposium (1st – 7th)
  • Autonomous Systems Specialists Conference
  • HMS Symposium
  • Special Lecture and Symposium on the Fine Particulate Matter in Diesel Exhaust
  • WEF/JSWA Drainage and Sewer Seminar
  • Engineering Lecture and Symposium on Electronic Control Systems
  • Cranfield University (UK) Japan Center establishment symposium
  • Pan Yellow Sea Industrial Technology Symposium (1st – 2nd)
  • Asia-Pacific Journalist Conference
  • Port of Kitakyushu Kokura Container Terminal Commemoration Ceremony (Asia Logistics Forum)

Consecutive Interpretation

  • Astronaut Koichi Wakata’s NASA communication event
  • FDA Inspection
  • WSSD Johannesburg Summit 4th preparation meeting
  • Mayor of Pittsburg (California) visit
  • Stanford University Japan Program reception
  • Asia Development Conference preparation meeting / Excursion and Dinner hosted by the Mayor
  • German Eco-Friendly construction courtesy call
  • Department of Economic Affairs (NRW, Germany) Section Manager visit
  • Invest in Sri Lanka promotion seminar
  • Ambassadors to Japan, VIP, Mayoral Visits
  • Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women Lecture
  • 12th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference – Kitakyushu
  • Embassy of Sweden staff visit
  • Incheon Metropolitan City Economic and Commerce bureau chief visit
  • South Korean Business Negotiations in Kitakyushu
  • Conversation with the President of Surrey University (U.K.)
  • French Inspection team Shimonoseki city courtesy call
  • Visit by the Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits
  • Japan-China-Korea Conference of specialists and International Symposium
  • 3rd Pan-Asia Conference – Get Together session
  • IBM system environment symposium
  • Kitakyushu environmental protection technology seminar
  • USN AEGIS Destroyer arrival at port