Language Education

At OWLS, we believe that language education is the key to bridging people in a globalized world. Our courses are designed to aid in your journey of lifelong learning. With the needs of our customers in mind, we customize our approach when designing our specialized programs.

Our Services

  • Original programs for every language, occupation and industry.
  • Intensive training sessions for overseas posting, international meetings, and global presentations.
  • Preparatory courses for tests such as the TOEIC, TOEFL, and EIKEN.
  • Language training courses for various group sizes. (Private/Semi-Private/Group)
  • Bridging programs prior to studying abroad.
  • Developing original curriculum and teaching materials.

a businessteam on the meeting

Business Class

Business classes which are designed to aid in communication regardless of the setting.
-Focusing on new staff training sessions, we provide guidance on the foundations of business communication, such as the appropriate language to be used in emails, discussions or debates.

Private Lessons

global business image on white backgroundOne to One lessons that are customized to suit the objectives, level, pace and needs of our clients.

Group Lessons

英会話の授業をする外国人講師Reasonably priced group lessons for those of similar level and ability.
-In addition to English, we offer specialized courses in various other languages including Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Portuguese.
-For foreign students living in Japan, we develop Japanese language courses.

Courses for Government Agencies and Universities

Similar to our business classes, we offer courses which are designed to encompass the essentials of communication in our customers’ respective fields

Preparation for Tests

Classes focusing on language ability tests, such as the TOEIC, TOEFL and EIKEN are conducted with regular progress checks based on the goals of our clients.

Semi Private Lessons

a young businessman talking to women

Lessons for people with similar goals and needs.

Special training courses to help clients prepare for overseas training courses.


  • Registration Fee is collected together with half a month’s lesson fee during the first lesson.

  • We offer different payment plans, such as Yearly, Half-Yearly, and Monthly.

  • Consumption Tax, ¥1000 Management Fee (excl. tax), and textbook costs for the Business courses are collected separately from the instructors’ travel expenses.

OWLS Language Programs are creative in nature. E-learning programs that leverage off the internet is just an example of our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients. Even without extensive advertising, the fact that 80% of our clients are repeat clients is proof to the strength of our programs.